Julie Germain Is Your Bridge To A Better Tomorrow.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that Julie Germain has lived most of her life here in an area known for its iconic bridges. After all, a bridge is nothing more than a connection, and Julie has been known as a connector since the time she was a young girl. Whether you want to call her a joiner, a connector, or a bridge, she thrives on getting involved, bringing people together and creating positive results.

Setting the Standard

Even in her youth, Julie was eager to participate in activities. Growing up she was in many groups would volunteer as much as she could. She has always enjoyed helping people. Julie recalls, when she was a Girl Scout leader for both of her daughter’s troops, being at a leader’s meeting when her friends in jest held down her hands, saying “No, you are not raising your hand to volunteer for another thing.” And, at a PTA meeting Julie remembers realizing every
committee report presented had been prepared and given by her. Julie has remained involved in the community over the years and pours herself into all of her activities.

Julie’s ability to “bridge the gap” with people translated into professional success as well. After going back to school to earn her bachelor’s degree at Cal State-East Bay (formerly Hayward), she embarked on a career in commercial real estate. In that role, she excelled at connecting people with their goals. In fact, she enjoyed the relationship-building aspect of the role so much, she decided to shift her focus to residential real estate with an emphasis on helping baby boomers achieve the lifestyle they desire.

It’s All About You!

Whenever Julie meets a new client, the first thing she does is listens carefully to their goals and desires. She feels it’s essential to make that personal connection in order to best serve their individual needs. You see, Julie views her role as much more than simply helping people buy and sell houses. It’s all about providing her clients with everything they need to successfully take that next step in life and achieve the lifestyle they desire.

As a baby boomer herself, Julie understands all the hard work you’ve put in throughout your lifetime and believes now it’s your time. “This is the time in your life to do what you want to do,” she says. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping people recognize those opportunities and help them live their lives to the fullest.”

Bridging Your Tomorrow

When it comes right down to it, Julie’s business motto says it all: Boomers and Beyond – Bridging Your Tomorrow. If you’re ready to “right size” your home and move on to the next chapter of your life, you need to connect with Julie.

Her genuine care, her longtime local knowledge, her years of experience in the industry and her ability to truly understand what her clients want to achieve make her the best choice for all your real estate needs. Call her today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your options.

“Real estate is all about bridging that gap and helping people reach the next stage in their lives. That’s what I love and what inspires me to give my all every single day!”
— Julie Germain